To: Alistair McWhirter Chairman of NHS Suffolk

Bring back £1.2m in primary health care services to Haverhill.

Dear Alastair McWhirter, With GP surgeries already under pressure and patients reporting appointment waiting times of over two weeks, Haverhill’s population expected to rise by some 10,000 by 2031 to some 35,000, a size that would warrant a local hospital. Instead of responding to this with appropriate planning, NHS Suffolk appears to be withdrawing from the town.
With 20 miles to our nearest A&E and no walk-in facilaty that you closed in July the feeling within the town is that the PCT is abandoning them.

Why is this important?

Half of Haverhill is one of 20% of the most deprived health in Suffolk. How would you feel if you had a young child or an elderly parent that could not get to a doctor at weekends, evenings or night and an out of hours doctor that has to cover 120 square miles.
Suffolk, United Kingdom

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