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To: BBC Radio Devon

Bring Back Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll!

Bring Back Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll!

Bring back the full two-hour "Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll" show on BBC Radio Devon, Sunday evenings.

Why is this important?

Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll show had a loyal - and steadily growing -following here in the South West. Beside appealing to the broad popularity of classic 50s and 60s rock'n'roll, Geoff Barker helped promote local rock'n'roll bands and venues and gave airplay to new releases that would otherwise rarely have been heard on mainstream radio. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre, priceless archive of interviews and genuine passion for the music has been entertaining BBC listeners for many years now, and at a time when morale is low due to Covid-19, we need that entertainment more than ever.

We understand that all pre-recorded shows on BBC local radio were TEMPORARILY suspended due to the need for live Covid updates, but as the world begins to return to normal, the frequency of these updates could be relaxed. Please bring back the Geoff Barker Rock'n'Roll show!

Devon, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s the only true Rock’n’Roll show anywhere and it’s about time it was back on the radio
  • Just love the show and Geoff is so knowledgeable on and around the subject
  • Keeping rock n roll alive


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