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To: McDonald's

Bring back McDonalds straws

Bring back McDonalds straws

Get rid on the waste of time paper straws.

Why is this important?

So I can drink my milkshake proper

This petition has been started by a member of the public and not 38 Degrees. Single use "throw away" plastic items like straws, cups and bottles have a huge impact on our environment, they clog up our oceans and polluting our countryside. If you disagree with this petition and you'd like to sign the petition calling for an end to plastic straws you can do so here:


Reasons for signing

  • As someone with autism, the paper straws cause issue for me having them in my mouth. I currently have some plastic straws I have to use on the occasions where I have a McDonalds milkshake so I am able to drink them.
  • I signed because I don’t like paper straws because they get damp from the wet and then they go soggy and it so hard to drink the drink and u can’t get nothing out of the straw so I want plastic straw back
  • Paper straws are horrible, it breaks down within 2 seconds because it gets damp and it makes it hard to drink what I paid for with my own money and makes the experience unenjoyable. I want plastic straws back ASAP. When Satan can't reach you he sends you paper straws .


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