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To: McDonald's

Bring back McDonalds straws

Bring back McDonalds straws

Get rid on the waste of time paper straws.

Why is this important?

So I can drink my milkshake proper

This petition has been started by a member of the public and not 38 Degrees. Single use "throw away" plastic items like straws, cups and bottles have a huge impact on our environment, they clog up our oceans and polluting our countryside. If you disagree with this petition and you'd like to sign the petition calling for an end to plastic straws you can do so here:


Reasons for signing

  • Whoever approved use of this straw to consume a milkshake, should be sacked. The implementation of this paper straw is THE worst decision by McDonalds I can ever recall. It’s made me save the planet though because I won’t ever waste money on a milkshake again. It’s not possible to drink the ****ing thing!!
  • So I don't have to waste time btw if someone is reading this pls sign so I can have my straw and also McDonald's can be awessssooooommmmeerr
  • I signed because every time I’ve had this cardboard/paper straw it either melts or I don’t taste the drink


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