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To: Salisbury City Council

Bring Back People Friendly Salisbury

We want the People Friendly Salisbury Scheme reinstated with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

For a brief period in November 2020 we were given a glance of what Salisbury city could be like without constant traffic steaming through it. A visionary and forward looking plan by Wiltshire Council set out brave steps to both improve the city and encourage walking and cycling, while going some of the way to achieving climate change goals.

Sadly, this coincided with the second UK lockdown and a time where most shops were forced to close, and therefore the experiment ran into huge difficulties from the outset.

Despite this, Salisbury City Council opposed the scheme, seemingly forgetting their own aspirations to take climate change seriously. By preventing the experiment from running we will never get to see the huge benefits such a scheme could deliver.

The People Friendly Streets scheme offers a real chance to improve the city centre by tackling congestion and pollution, gradually moving the population away from reliance on cars and towards a more sustainable and brighter future.

By shutting down this experiment we are denying future generations the chance to live in a clean safe city designed for people and not just cars. We are also failing the planet by losing the chance to take a small but importance step to reduce our carbon emissions.

Salisbury, UK

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