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Bring back the Dane Park Fountain

Bring back the Dane Park Fountain

Restore the Memorial fountain in Dane park to its former working glory instead of using it as a plant pot.

Why is this important?

Depriving the local community of an amazing centre piece to the park and is disrespectful as its a memorial to the man who donated the land in the first place to the town so we could have a park . We want our kids to see it in its working glory like we did years ago..
Dane Park was previously farmland and a great local resident, John Woodward, purchased it at an auction in 1895. Mr Woodward presented the land to the inhabitants of Margate to form the park, together with additional land for forming and widening the surrounding roads and six acres of building land on the south west side of the park, with the proceeds derived from the sale to be devoted towards the expenses of the park. Dane Park was opened by the Lord Mayor of London on June 1, 1898. Dane Park had a substantial lake, rustic bridges, swans and peacocks, refreshment rooms and a bandstand.
The fountain was erected by the corporation of Margate as a memorial to the late John Woodward, who was a native of Margate and a great generous man! .
The lake has been filled in and the Fountain shut down and lost to the town .
Shame this memorial to an enormous gesture to the town has been turned into a flower pot !! . So disrespectful to a great man...

Dane Park, Park Road, Margate

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