To: Great Western Railway

Bring back the direct commuter train from Henley

Bring back the direct commuter train from Henley

The 7.42 train from Henley-on-Thames to Paddington is no longer direct. It's now the 7.38 with a change at Twyford. And it's as horrendous as it sounds. Bring back the direct 7:42 from Henley to London Paddington.

Why is this important?

The price of a ticket from Henley is around £410 a month. We don't even get a seat from Twyford and it puts us all in a foul mood at the start of the day with the usual scrum to get on the train first. It's the same on the way home.


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Reasons for signing

  • It is generally bad for the town to make commuters' journeys worse, particularly with the advent of cross rail and its expected effect in the surrounding area.
  • The direct connection means you can get a seat for the journey to London and thus has a major impact on the acceptability of the commute.


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