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Bring Back The Gladiators!

Bring Back The Gladiators!

Please bring back The Gladiators TV show or something equally as inspirational!

Why is this important?

As a teenager 'The Gladiators' was truly inspirational family TV. Watching it every week kick started my journey into the world of health and fitness at just 16 yrs old. I wanted to be a Gladiator!

The female Gladiators were strong and athletic whilst still retaining their beautiful femininity, something I feel is seriously lacking in today's society. I'm talking about the women in particular solely because I am a woman, the men were awesome too! With obesity, eating disorders and general health issues due to poor nutrition and lack of activity on the rise, I feel we need more role models in the public eye to inspire teenagers to take control of their health and fitness, and not succumb to a life of facial fillers and liposuction.

The 2012 Olympics did wonders for encouraging people to begin exercising in some form or another, but I feel that soon fell by the wayside shortly after and became a distant memory once it was no longer the public eye.

So PLEASE, let's try to bring back 'The Gladiators' or something equally as awesome, something for the whole family to watch and give children as well as adults a level of health/fitness to aspire to!

Please sign this petition, we can but try!!


Claire Cordell

United Kingdom

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