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To: The Royal Mail

Bring back the Judith Kerr postbox to Barnes as a permanent memorial to the much loved writer

Bring back the Judith Kerr postbox to Barnes as a permanent memorial to the much loved writer

Re-decorate the postbox in Barnes in memory of author Judith Kerr.

Why is this important?

One of the ways Judith Kerr was celebrated during her lifetime was with the decoration of a postbox near her home in Barnes. To mark World Book Day in March 2019, the Royal Mail decorated four postboxes across the UK honouring the most popular British children's authors. The transformation of the box only lasted one month but we're campaigning to have the postbox permanently decorated.

Judith Kerr was one of the UK's most beloved children's authors. Her books from The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Mog the cat stories have been read by generations of children across the world.

After escaping from Nazi Germany as a child in the 1930s she decided life was not for wasting and she was working as an illustrator and author right up until the time she died aged 95.

She is a hugely important figure and deserves a permanent monument. She was thrilled when the Royal Mail decorated a postbox in her honour and it would be a fitting memorial if they were to allow the postbox to be permanently decorated with her illustrations.

Barnes, London SW13

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Reasons for signing

  • Very happy memories of reading and studying "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" with a class of 14year olds who loved the story, loved researching the different countries the story took us to and were extremely thoughtful about the important themes the author explored in such a gentle way.
  • On every return to this village where I've spent a lot of time, I'm reminded of the way its neighbourhood atmosphere has fostered special creativity. Let's remember the best of it, even more strongly.
  • Judith Kerr's books have brought me, my children and many many children I've taught such pleasure and life lessons. And I admire her modesty and goodness.


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