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I want people to help me in signing a petition into allowing conjugal visits and being able to hold our loved ones and be able to be close in every way possible.

Why is this important?

conjugal visits Are important to both the prisoner and their loved ones. Being a partner on the outside it has proven and research shows not being able to be with your Partner in a intimacy way has a great strain on both mental parties health and causes more upset and tension and frustration that you could not possibly imagine. It’s proven to be a struggle to maintain a relationship when a loved one is serving years behind bars, and not being able to have a loving relationship with their partner is a far bigger effect than you may think. conjugal visits – which are not permitted in the UK but operate successfully in much of Europe, Canada and even the Middle East. So why can’t we have these visits in the UK?
There’s a lot of evidence around how having a strong relationship on the outside is a very good indicator that you won’t go on and commit other crimes, and this could lead to prisoners being more relieved and stressed and agitated. The rigid structure of prison visits undoubtedly contributes to relationship breakdown. Visits take place around a table, often with a piece of wood underneath to prohibit anything being passed between. The security search process for visitors, and any delays getting prisoners out of their cells mean that a two-hour visit can easily end up being half an hour shorter. Women with children usually bring them – so time spent alone, partner-to-partner, is a rarity. If conjugal visits was allowed I’m sure so many would jump at the chance to have that intimacy with their loved ones. They do it all over the place because it improves outcomes for prisoners, it improves outcomes for their wives – we don’t do it in Britain because we’re really prudish. Help me sign this petition into having that closeness we lack with our partners.

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Reasons for signing

  • Because this is a very important topic and should be adhered.