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To: Boris Johnson PM

Open the Covid-19 Public Inquiry With Immediate Effect

Open the Covid-19 Public Inquiry With Immediate Effect

We want the Government to fully debate in the House of Commons our request to open the Covid-19 Independent Public Inquiry immediately and to explain to the public the current reasons why this cannot be done.

Why is this important?

In the light of various allegations made recently, coupled with speculation already mooted on Social Media and Main Stream Media, together with the appalling behaviour of the former Health Secretary, this has now left the general public with a total loss of confidence that an Inquiry some time in the future will be open and transparent.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has profoundly affected all aspects of people's lives and resulted in over 125,000 extremely traumatic deaths. Businesses have been descimated. Care Home residents abandoned by the Government. Education has been severely disrupted.

The Pandemic is something no government has had to deal with for over 100 years and it is now paramount that the general public see and hear what lessons could be learned from how the Government has dealt with all aspects of keeping us safe, including how [wisely] taxpayers money has been spent in appropriating PPE, hospital equipment, mental health provisions etc.

Leonardo da Vinci once said "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence"




2021-08-31 23:44:49 +0100

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