To: Norwich City Council

Bring Housing Benefit in line with Private Rent

Bring Housing Benefit in line with Private Rent

I believe that the current system of calculating housing benefit for private rentals is not fit for purpose and leaves the most vulnerable in society either, ending up in debt or facing eviction.

Why is this important?

At the moment, this issue couldn't be more important. As the amount of people living in privately rented accommodation continues to grow, so do the rent increases and with them, the number of people, a lot of whom are in work, who are forced to claim housing benefit. However, the discrepancy between the actual rent charged and housing benefit paid is getting bigger all the time. For instance, a two bedroom house costing £695 a month let via a private landlord/lady would give you an award of £480 a month. These figures are calculated using an individual who is entitled to full housing benefit, due to a disability payment and yet it still leaves an astonishing £215 a month to be found. Private tenants are still living in a perpetual state of no housing security, with just a two month eviction notice required in most situations, highly rigid pre-screening process and no right to buy. Something has to seriously change. It is not right to punish people because they are paid a low wage or are too ill to work. Let Norwich City Council feel some of the frustration and anger that I know is out there.


Reasons for signing

  • There are too,any people made homeless for no good reason apart from councils ( private landlords ) again the council profiteering . Councils should be named and shamed. South Cambridgeshire seem to adopted this rogue policy. No compassion dignity or human rights. What a sad broken system The fact that housing benefit, is not in line with private rent, causes a problem right there,. Who did we vote for to help us again? Why are they not seeing the problem and rectifying it?