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To: Regional Clinical Commissioning Group

Bring Manchester Patient Transport Service back into the NHS

Bring Manchester Patient Transport Service back into the NHS

In 2013 the Contract to provide non-emergency patient transport services was awarded to a commercial provider. For the first time this service within the North West was not managed by an NHS provider. We believe that this was awarded based on cost rather than quality. The private sector is run by profit margins and profit has no place in patient care.

We want the Clinical Commissioning Group to give back the contract to the NHS and to North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Why is this important?

North West Ambulance Service Patient Transport Service (PTS) is the largest provider of non-emergency patient transport in the United Kingdom - in 2013/14 they carried out approximately 1.2 million patient journeys.

Bids have now been placed for the contract which is to be awarded by the clinical commissioning group on December 4th 2015.

I believe that the only provider able to give high quality standards of patient care within the community is North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
The Trust has modernised its operations which has resulted in an improved patient experience, they offer the highest quality standards by acting as a bureau/broker for patients who need transport.
The Trust recognises the diverse needs of the patients and offers a specialised service for haemodialysis and cancer patients.

Manchester North West

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Reasons for signing

  • As a healthcare worker I see daily what a disgrace the privatised transport service is - all about cost and little regard for patient welfare. Please bring transport services back under the NHS umbrella!
  • My daughter has to travel for treatment at a cost of £50 round trip because of cuts to services
  • The NHS will provide a much better quality service than a private sector run-for-profit business, as the problems seen with the current Arriva service have shown. Profit has no place in patient care.


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