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To: The Transport Minister

Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon

Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon

Look into funding to open up the railway in Bordon, Hampshire.

Why is this important?

Bordon has next to no transport links other than using ones own vehicles. So many new houses have now been built that the already busy A325 is now substantially overcrowded.
There are no additional jobs here as the Army have left and they provided many jobs, therefore people who live here, in most cases, have to leave the area for work.
Also the local hospital is no longer here, plus there are very few shopping facilities other than takeaways and a couple of supermarkets.
This ever expanding community which is fast becoming a dormitory town is in dire need of transport so people can commute to other parts of the country to work, shop and get to hospital without having to use their cars.
Parking is one of the bigger issues as the new builds only provide 1.5 parking spaces to four bedroomed houses. Needless to say most households have two or more cars.
If the railway were to be put in place, many households would be able to manage with one car and possibly, if bus links were provide to the station, do without a car altogether.

Bordon GU35, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • As Bordon becomes a new generation green town with it's new investment, we should be not only implementing this for the people of bordon but for towns nearby. A train link will form better connections to create a better eco friendly way of travel, less road traffic, less parking issues, less tax money spent on maintaining the roads and spaces. By reopening the railway we can mitigate these issues and achieve a better connected, eco friendly hub we call home.
  • Bordon is growing - public transport is very poor - car travel is only reliable transport- if we are welcoming 3,500 more houses with 3500 + residents we need a train station to link to London and other major towns so people can get to work and leave cars at home. as we'll walk . our neighbours @ Alton, Bentley and Liphook will also be pleased as cars will not be polluting their towns.
  • Liphook, 6 miles away from Bordon, is already suffering from on strret parking by rail commuters. With recent approval for a large number of new homes in Bordon this will become much worse. This railway link will mitigate this situation, reduce road pollution and traffic delays and can only be beneficial to the area as a whole.


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The Government has announced a big new fund to rebuild old railway lines. Bordon is expanding with almost 5000 new homes but just one road going north. Already there are queues almost a mile long each rush hour before the lockdown and only 1/3rd of the homes are built! There was an old railway line connecting to Bentley and the track bed still exists for almost all of the way. Just imagine being able to use this low carbon transport to go shopping in Farnham, Guildford or London and imagine the jobs that will become accessible. Please sign this petition and share it.

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