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To: Bristol City Council

Bristol Council, back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill!

Bristol Council, back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill!

Bristol City Council - Declare support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, and ask Bristol's MPs to declare their support for the Bill.

Why is this important?

On current trends, our children will experience an unthinkable 3 to 5 degrees of global warming within 80 years! 2020 was the joint hottest year on record and the hottest six years on record have all occurred in the last six years.

The UK Government’s target is to go carbon neutral by 2050. But this is too late, because the world is set to exceed the dangerous limit of 1.5°C warming by 2040, causing irreversible harm and costing millions of lives. In fact, Government advisers also say that the UK is not on track to meet its own target.

We call on Bristol Council to show leadership again, by declaring support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill). Bristol City Council was the first UK local authority to declare a Climate Emergency, and has a strategy for a carbon neutral Bristol by 2030.

The CEE Bill is a game-changing vehicle for positive action. It is a draft law which has been introduced to Parliament and already has the support of over 100 MPs.

The Bill would ensure that the UK Government plays its fair and proper role in limiting global warming to the 1.5°C recommended by scientists. It would include our carbon emissions from aviation, shipping and international trade, which are currently ignored! It would set up a Citizens’ Assembly, representative of the people who make up UK society, to advise on the Government’s emergency strategy.

We call on our elected representatives to show climate leadership! When we get to 3,500 signatures from people who live, work or study in Bristol, our petition gets debated in Council!

Bristol, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Because something has to be done.
  • Hopefully this will encourage the Council or rather the Mayor to do SOMETHING


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