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To: Bristol City Council

Bristol Council to Review Stance on EMF Technology including 5G Roll Out

Bristol Council to Review Stance on EMF Technology including 5G Roll Out

We petition Bristol City Council to not retain DM36 of the current Local Plan, which pertains to a laissez faire Telecommunications roll out (including wi-fi technology such as 5G) but to review it and open it out to public consultation.

See page 81 of (

Why is this important?

There are serious concerns regarding EMF Wi-Fi technology like 5G

-World Health Organisation considers Wi_fi radiation as Class 2 B carcinogen: a “possible human carcinogen”-

From: The human skin as a sub-THz receiver - Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?
"We are raising a warning flag against the unrestricted use of sub-THz technologies for communication, before the possible consequences for public health are explored."

From: Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation
"NTP conducted toxicology studies in rats and mice to help clarify potential health hazards, including cancer risk, from exposure to RFR like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones"
"NTP studies found that exposure to high levels of RFR, like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones, was associated with: • Clear evidence of tumors in the hearts of male rats."
"the studies question the long-held assumption that radio frequency radiation is of no concern".

From: Comments on the US National Toxicology Program technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rats exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 900 MHz and in mice exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 1,900 MHz
"We conclude that there is clear evidence that RF radiation is a human carcinogen, causing glioma and vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma)"

- The present UK Govt is seeking to force local councils to not stand in the way of 5G see p33 of (

How it will be delivered

To one of the Council Public Consultation Events, at a Full Council Meeting or at the Local Plan Review Working Party. The Bristol Council has recently been consulting on this aspect of their local plan.


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Reasons for signing

  • To protect my 2 young sons from a spiralling environmental toxin which has been proven unsafe, which we did not consent to and where the public have not been informed or consulted. Using a mobile gives me a cracking headache, tingling skin and vertigo.
  • It's not worth the risk!
  • 5G is being installed, without our consent, across the city of Bristol. Placing millimeter-wave radiation technology masts & antenna cells in such close proximity to our homes, schools and living spaces is a public health crisis waiting to happen. I do not consent to 5G in Bristol or anywhere else in the UK. Safety before corporate greed.


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