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To: University of Bristol

Bristol Uni Support the Climate Strikes!

Bristol Uni Support the Climate Strikes!

We want the the University of Bristol to escalate their commitment to the fight for climate justice, after declaring a Climate Emergency in April 2019, by endorsing the Climate Strikes. We call on Bristol uni to:

1. Become the first university to fully endorse the climate strikes.
2. Assure staff that they will not be punished if they choose to cancel/reschedule their lectures or seminars on the days of the monthly strikes, allowing staff to take a whole day off.
3. Encourage students and staff to participate in the local climate strike rallies, publicising each event in the weeks leading up to the strikes.

Why is this important?

Universities have an obligation to play a greater role in the Climate Strike movement, showing solidarity with students who will be most affected by the climate crisis. This petition will show that this is an issue that virtually all staff and students feel very strongly about, making it impossible for the University to ignore our demands.


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