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To: Members of the British Parliament, both houses.

Britain to apply re-join The European Free Trade Association [EFTA]

Britain  to apply  re-join The European Free Trade Association  [EFTA]

Present proposal to Parliament to join The EFTA. This is an alternative to either a no-deal brexit or another referendum.

Why is this important?

In 1972 Britain left the European Free Trade Association to join what has become the European Union. The current four members, of EFTA, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Leichtenstein all enjoy a high standard of living. They can trade with both Europe and with other countries. Iceland and Norway have their coastal fishing rights. EFTA is part of the EuropeanThe Single Market but not of the Customs Union

Britain and Ireland have both opted out of the.Schengen agreement. This means we can maintain our borders and passports as present. There would be no need for any Irish border

There would be a charge, but this is less than half the cost of leaving the EU.

This path could be acceptable to both remainers and to leavers
Many English and Scottish MPs already accept this to be a solution


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