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To: British airlines

British airways direct to Sylhet, Bangladesh

British airways direct to Sylhet, Bangladesh

Instead of Dhaka airport British airways service should divert to Sylhet airport.

Why is this important?

In England a huge parts of Bangladeshi from Sylhet. Most of traveler visit Bangladesh every year and all from Sylhet. It is very important British airways think about the issue.


Reasons for signing

  • all sylheti, better to travel with british airways
  • I think British Airways should at least have a few direct flights to Sylhet every week. Majority of the British Bangladeshi community living here in the United Kingdom come from great sylhet area, The service of British Airways is excellent compared to other airlines I hope British airways think about us. I’d like to thank the person who started this petition.
  • Having more than 1 airlines monopoly to fly direct to Sylhet will be beneficial for us the customers. May lower prices and encourage better service through competition. I have flown British Airways before and their service is one the best worldwide.


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