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To: Centrica CEO, Chris O’Shea

British Gas boss: Reject your £1.6 million bonus!

Getting a £1.6M bonus off the back of a cost of living crisis and your company breaking into people’s homes to fit pre-payment meters is indefensible. Reject the money and donate it to the Energy Support Fund to help struggling families instead.

Why is this important?

Millions of families are struggling to keep their homes warm this winter. Yet today, Centrica, British Gas’ parent company, announced that its profits TRIPLED in the last year. If that wasn’t bad enough, CEO Chris O’Shea is now set to take home a £1.6 million bonus.

It’s a bonus for break-ins.

An undercover investigation recently revealed that British Gas agents were routinely forcing their way into the homes of vulnerable people to fit prepayment meters, leaving many without heating and electricity.

And with millions more families struggling to keep up with their extortionate energy bills, it’s sickening he’s even considering taking this £1.6 million bonus. He must reject the bonus and donate it to a support fund to help struggling families with their energy bills.



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