To: The British Government

British Troops in Syria

British Troops in Syria

Say how many Britsh troops including special forces are on Syrian soil and what their purposes are there.
Withdraw any such troops.

Why is this important?

It has been reported that US. UK and Norwegian troops have set up a base near Al Tanf on Syrian territory bordering Jordan in the South. Around it they have declared a self styled "deconfliction zone". They have already fired on and killed Syrian forces on their own soil.
This is illegal as Syria is a recognised sovereign country by the United Nations. It has not been sanctioned as an act of war by the UK parliament.
ISIS is not strong in the area and is weakening across Syria. Russia has given active and effective military support to the Syrian arab army at the invitation of Syria's government. There is great potential for an escalation of the war in Syria to a wider war should US and Russian troops be involved in a direct conflict. The UK should not associate itself with aggressive US foreign policy but aim to support peace in the area.


Reasons for signing

  • The reason why the UK economy is down the toilet is because of our military ventures in the Middle East and beyond, all for the sake of 'fighting Terror'.