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To: Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the First Ministers of the Governments of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

British Wool for British Insulation and Carpeting

PETITION: We demand that the use of British Wool products be mandatory for insulating in the new home insulation scheme and for insulation and carpeting in any public financed building projects.

Why is this important?

*Newsflash* - Welsh government pledges to use wool in public buildings.

Please add your signature so that English, Scottish and Northern Irish governments follow the Welsh government's lead.

These 1000 wool fleeces are about to be incorporated into the manure heap. What a waste of a once valuable resource. A sustainable product that could be used to insulate homes for all government grant supported buildings.

Sheep farmers receive less for their wool than the cost of shearing the sheep. Last year David Jones, who is pictured with his wool above, received 28p a fleece and paid the shearer £1. This year the value it set to drop by at least half. Hence he and many other farmer's across the country, decision to plough their wool into the fields as fertiliser.

Last week Stuart Fletcher a farmer from East Sussex posted a similar photo on Facebook and to date has had nearly 2 million views and tens of thousands of 'likes', 'shares' and 'comments'. When asked as to why Stuart posted this photo, he said "because is made me sad".

Wool is sustainable, fire-retardant, bio-degradable, and the most efficient form of insulation.

On the 1st January 2021 sheep farmers may be further affected by possible new tariffs on sheep meat of at least 40%. Currently over half our sheep exports go to the EU and will never be substituted by trade deals with the USA or Japan, for example. Sheep farmers' incomes are being squeezed at every point.

This Campaign has now been endorsed by;
NFU Scotland
NFU Cymru
Ulster Farmers Union
British Wool (formerly The British Wool Marketing Board)
National Sheep Association
The Campaign for Wool - patron HRH The Prince of Wales
Country Landowners Association
Tenant Farmers Association

Please sign this petition, because;

- We want to revive our wool manufacturing industries,
- We want to make this government use our money to insulate our buildings with a home-grown sustainable product,
- We want to help sheep farmers make a decent income from their fleeces,
- We want to create manufacturing jobs,
- We want to maintain the upland landscape,
- We want to put a smile back on Stuart's and other sheep farmers face's.

Royal endorsement of wool - HRH the Prince of Wales stated “Wool is a product that the most brilliant boffin in the most hi-tech laboratory could never create.” And “it is important to remind people of how valuable and sustainable wool is as a fibre and as a natural material”.

BBC News - Chancellor announces £2Bn of grants for home owners to install energy saving improvements.

NZ Campaign
Newshub (New Zealand) article

The Shropshire Star

How it will be delivered

We will hold a Zoom press conference and then deliver the signatures by hand to the Chancellor at No. 11 Downing Street.

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