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To: Chris Abbott, CEO Brush Electricals, Mario Ancic, Vice President, One Equity Partners

Brush Electrical - Stop unethical 'fire and rehire' practices

Please repay your engineers' loyalty with the respect they deserve, and abandon these attempts to force them to accept significant pay cuts via fire and rehire'.

Why is this important?

Engineers at Brush Electrical Machine have committed to the company throughout their tenure ranging from 2 years service to over 50 years.

They have worked throughout the pandemic, as 'key workers', and given continued support to the business and its customers.

They have worked away from family and even been told to travel to different countries during the pandemic - unvaccinated and with little contingency in place - resulting in some engineers contracting COVID and passing it to their infant children.

Brush’s stance during the pandemic has been driven by a want to save money. Not a need to save money due to sustainability. There had been no evidence given thus far that these cuts are necessary or reflect industry average pay; instead, they represent a comprehensive massacre of terms and conditions, from basic salary, pension contributions and overtime, to holidays and offshore conditions. All of which resulting in an annual loss of 10-15% per engineer.

During this time the company have repaid furlough payments to the government (they cannot pay dividends and bonuses if the company has accepted furlough), and given out pay rises to all but the service engineers - including themselves - along with bonuses.

This behaviour should be made illegal as, without any evidence or morality the company – or ANY company – has the ability to force these conditions upon us all. We are fighting to stop it,  but - it could be you next.

How it will be delivered

In person

Loughborough, UK

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