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To: East Suffolk District Council

Build 100 affordable homes in Southwold

Build 100 affordable homes in Southwold

Build 100 more afforable homes for rent for local familes in Southwold Ward before the next local elections in 2023

Why is this important?

Southwold is dying because local people are being priced out of homes by holiday lets. Two thirds of homes are holiday lets. The average house price is 21 times the average wage. We need 100 more affordable homes to rent quickly before our community dies.

Our average age is 65. We want to hear children playing on our greens again. We want a vibrant community that welcomes visitors but is not banished by them. The government still subsidies second home owners who pay no rates. Local homes are developed into five bedroom holiday lets. Cleaners are bussed in. This is social apartheid.

East Suffolk Council say that we have enough affordable homes, when we hear 40 local people applied for one last week. We need 100 as soon as possible in Southwold Ward which includes Reydon and Walberswick, but definitely before the next Council elections in 2023.
As seen on Anglia TV on Friday evening.

How it will be delivered

1200 signatures from local people will have to be debated by the full council this autumn.

East Suffolk Council

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Reasons for signing

  • When I first lived here every house in our road was occupied; now only two are. The community cannot survive if this trend continues
  • It's sad watching a lovely town die.
  • I don't live in Southwold anymore, but did for 3 years after moving there for work. Trying to find somewhere to rent was awful, almost nothing available, & what was, was hugely out of our budget. Eventually rented a tiny, poorly maintained bedsit, for more money a month than I now pay for a 3 bedroomed house. Something has to change. Southwold is beautiful, but it can't survive like this.


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