To: Rachel Reeves MP

Build a skatepark in Bramley

Build a skatepark in Bramley

Our goal is to have an outdoor concrete Skatepark built in Bramley. We want to give our children a place to go and be creative and have fun, and give them something they want and need! Other towns have done it and have not looked back. Lets get the best we can for our youth of today.

Why is this important?

We want to create a dedicated place for skateboarders, BMX'ers and scooters to ride, it will mean one place for all of these people to come together and use the facility, for free.
With national health issues looming for today’s youth, it’s time to offer a greater number of healthy, athletic choices. We understand the need to support our youth who wish to pursue active healthy lifestyles. Without community support those groups are required to build their own support systems outside of our community.
There’s no doubt that skateboarding, BMX'ing and riding scooters is one of the most popular sports for people between the age of 4-18 (and above that age). For lots of people, spending time at the skatepark will be something cool to do that doesn’t cost any money. For our community, having a great skatepark will serve to show the region that we understand how to engage our young adults. Skateboarding, BMX and scooter riding is happening with or without a skatepark. By not supporting our local youth with a skatepark, it doesn’t mean they will quit skating. It just means we are putting them at risk of injury and run-ins with law enforcement.
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Bramley, Leeds

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Reasons for signing

  • This would keep kids of the streets and encourage them to learn a new skill
  • It would be good to have decent skatepark close by for everybody to ride and enjoy ta LW good idea.
  • I signed because they're is nowhere at all to skate/bmx/scooter anywhere in bramley and this would mean not having to spend money on transport to different skateparks


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