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To: Oxford City Council

Building on the Green Belt

Please don't go ahead with your plans to sink 8 boreholes 4 1/2 metres deep and 24 pits into a field full of biodiversity in the Green Belt on the southern edge of the City.

Why is this important?

This field is a sanctuary for a diversity of many small animals, moles, hedgehogs, birds and bees, but is also one of the top 10 sites in the County for its listed varieties of dung beetles. If the machines come on the field to bore the holes through the old landfill base of the field they may also release and spread methane and toxins of many sorts into the air and the old branch of the river Thames which runs along it.
Because of the cost of clearing the landfill, any houses built here would be very expensive, not the affordable houses we need.
Maintaining an easily accessible green belt is essential for people's mental health. #saveRedbridgeMeadow

The field at the very end of the Abingdon Road, Oxford

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