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Bus Pass Equality for all sixty year olds

Bus Pass Equality for all sixty year olds

Currently if you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and London, you are entitled to a bus pass at aged sixty. Meanwhile in England one is not eligible for a bus pass till the age of sixty six, I am seeking parity with the rest of the U.K. The above is a travesty, and extremely unfair, are we not all citizens of a United Kingdom, and subject to the same laws, is London not in England, so if a sixty year old in London is eligible for a bus pass, why isn’t a sixty year old in Rawmarsh entitled to the same.

Why is this important?

The above is important because at the moment we are seeing a kind of bus pass apartheid, in that the sixty year olds of England are being treated grossly unfairly by this unjust law. Why should sixty year olds in, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and London be treated better than sixty year olds in England. So either make bus passes available for all at sixty, or bring the aforementioned in line with England. This bus pass anomoaly is a glaring misscariage of decency, and England’s sixty year olds are seemingly deemed as less worthy than the rest of the country.



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