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To: Hampshire County Council

Bus Services in Basingstoke

we were successful in the campaign

Bus Services in Basingstoke

We the undersigned call on Hampshire County Council to protect funding that supports bus services in Basingstoke. We oppose the cuts planned in the County Council budget. Services like the No 12 matter to communities like Brighton Hill.

Why is this important?

People need bus services that connect them and their community to vital local services like GPs or to help them get to work, to school and college. Not everyone has access to a car and many people need a decent bus service. Basingstoke deserves better public transport and better bus services.


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Reasons for signing

  • Number 12 bus essential for me to get to work and back. Also bringing heavy shopping home from town.
  • I need the no.12 to get home from the town centre
  • Crucial to Black Dam. People depend on it who have mobility issues. Gillies Health Centre and Asda are too far to walk to. Need a service into town 25 minutes walking may as well be 100 miles away. Please save our service which serves QMC and Gillies. Pensioners are unable to afford taxis. This bus will also pass at the back of the new site being built on the Winchester Road there is no point spending the money on new shops etc if no one can get to them.


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Petition is successful with 167 signatures

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As a result of our online and offline petition we were successfull in saving the number 12 bus. Read more at

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