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To: Butlins

Butlins requires a Changing Places (not in the swimming changing rooms)

Butlins resorts require a changing places facility. Skegness has a changing room in its swimming pool changing rooms with a hoist and a bed, however that is all that is in it. Also this changing room is only accessible when the pool is open, and requires navigating other pool users in the changing rooms as well as wet floors.
A changing places facility on site, accessible 24 hours a day, would benefit so many resort users who are finding alternatives that are an inconvenience. If you’re at the fairground and need to change, and your apartment is located in The Keys, you have a 12-15 minute walk (0.6 miles) to keep your dignity and for privacy. This needs to change

Why is this important?

A lot of people take going to the toilet and keeping their dignity for granted. Imagine being a parent of a 10 year old disabled child who needs more space than a baby changing table due to child’s weight and height, and your only option is to go through wet changing rooms and hope that the accessible changing room is free so that your child can be changed in comfort and keep their dignity. You also can only use these facilities 9-5 daily, the rest of the time, you’ve got to go back to your apartment, upto 0.7 miles. Would you be happy being in an entertainment venue and having to walk 0.7 miles to use the toilet?
Ingoldmells, Skegness PE25 1NJ, UK

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