To: Cadbury’s (Mondelez United Kingdom)

Cadbury “Shrink-flation” Stop downsizing bars

Cadbury “Shrink-flation” Stop downsizing bars

All Cadbury chocolate bars sold in multipacks will shrink by the end of 2021 to reduce their calorie count, owner Mondelez has announced.

Popular treats including Crunchie, Twirl and Wispa bars will contain no more than 200 calories each when sold in a four-pack. However, the price will stay the same. Bars sold individually will not change.

Cadbury says that ir must play our part in tackling obesity and are committed to doing so without compromising on consumer choice. This should be the customer’s decision not Cadbury.

Why is this important?

Customers have the right to choose.

Cadbury are using the obesity issue to reduce further the size of bars in multipacks has gone down over the last 5 years and should be stopped from their “shrinkflation” excuses to profit even further than they already do with their multi packs.

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Reasons for signing

  • Mondelez have taken a U.K. product, bastardised it, put its name to any product whether good or bad and have the audacity to expect consumers will pay more for less of the size.