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To: New Forest District Council

Cafe Velo - Save Our Decking Area

Cafe Velo - Save Our Decking Area

Please allow us to keep our decked seating area outside of the cafe.

Why is this important?

1. It adds a valuable seating area to the cafe and the loss would result in a much reduced income for the business.
2. The outside area is sloped & in icy/wet weather it is dangerous.
3. It has been much admired by passersby, who have commented on how much nicer & inviting it has made the area.
4. We have recently won Cycling UKs best cycling cafe of the year & this has contributed towards it.

Star Lane, Ringwood

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Reasons for signing

  • I’m a frequent visitor to Ringwood (I live in Jersey) & very often visit this cafe, the outside area adds character, & looks good. The food is lovely & the staff are friendly. Why wouldn’t the council want to support an independent business?
  • This has to be the friendliest cafe in Ringwood, why wouldn't you want to find ways to encourage its growth rather than try to crush it. These guys have worked so hard to develop this cafe and enhance this corner of the town.
  • Whenever I visit Ringwood for work, I always make a point of visiting Cafe Velo. The staff are amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. The food is another reason it visit. Yum Yum!


2019-07-19 22:23:01 +0100

Wow, what can we say but a huge THANK YOU for your support. Over 1000 signatures in 2 days. We will try to keep you updated with what's happening with the planning department at NFDC as & when it happens. In the meantime, please keep sharing this petition. I've heard we were one of the top topics of conversation in a local pub last night!!

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1,000 signatures reached

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