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To: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Caged single Rabbits deserve freedom, and must never be kept alone.

A) give rabbits freedom to roam around flats/houses/gardens.
B) never keep one rabbit, alone.
C) to spend time with your rabbits, as you would with dogs, or cats.

Why is this important?

Rabbits are surprisingly intelligent, very loving too, when people spend time with them, handling them. They also need stimulating. Without these two factors, and without some freedom they become deeply depressed. Rabbits, like humans, are social animals. Rabbits, like dogs, are extremely intelligent, but also highly sensitive. They can be amazing pets, but the majority of people who have rabbits, get them for children, which is inappropriate, as they are best handled by adults, and the majority have also fallen for the myth which grew into being acceptable at around the time caged chickens became an acceptable practice, that says a lone rabbit, with zero stimulation, kept in a hutch is acceptable. All modern research says otherwise, as do all modern animal welfare organisations.



2018-10-03 10:38:17 +0100

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