To: City of Edinburgh Council

Call for a public referendum prior to any future spending on Edinburgh Tram 'extension' #TramRef

Call for a public referendum prior to any future spending on Edinburgh Tram 'extension' #TramRef

The City of Edinburgh Council must hold a public referendum, open to all Edinburgh council-tax paying residents, before committing to any 'extension' of the
existing Edinburgh Tram line.

Why is this important?

In a period where the already barely adequate council services are being slashed, council tax and other charges are rising, and the enquiry into the previous Tram fiasco has not yet completed, the City of Edinburgh Council must allow residents to voice their opinions on the proposed £165,000,000 (current estimate) expenditure in extending the Edinburgh Tram line.


Reasons for signing

  • I believe the people of Edinburgh do not need to go through another fiasco of extortionate cost and loss of earnings or livelihood the last time the council pushed through there decision.
  • CEC deceived the public into thinking the trams had made a profit, but the true losses are incalculable (at least some of the millions can be documented, however). A Head of Communications role was created to – what was it, again? – “put across our side of the story”, for £75,000. While real jobs and budgets were (are) being cut, this one has since had a 9% increase.
  • Edinburgh has a perfectly good transport system in the buses. There is absolutely no need for a tram. BTW, it's not an extension, if they go ahead it will be completion.


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