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To: Evelyn Welch - Vice Chancellor of the University of Bristol

Call for the University of Bristol to cut ties with arms companies profiting from genocide

The University of Bristol currently receives over £92,212,000 from its partnerships within the defence industry. Although the University claims to support students affected by the horrific events taking place in Israel and Palestine, there are no plans to change cut ties with the companies supplying the genocide. It's time we call this what it is: hypocrisy. In order to truly make UoB a safe place for students, there needs to be change to the policy now.

Why is this important?

It is no longer acceptable to ignore the genocide of Palestinian people taking place in the Middle East. Although the events we are seeing play out on social media and in the news feel far away from our realities, our own university is receiving funding from companies which supply the Israeli military and actively profit off of the killing of innocent civilians. As students, we have a responsibility to hold our institution accountable for its lack of action on this issue. We can no longer allow UoB to be complicit in this.
Beacon House, Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1QU, UK

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