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To: Parliamentary standards office

call on david cameron to resign

call on david cameron to resign

Call on David Cameron to resign

Why is this important?

Mr Cameron’s remarks yesterday about those opposed to the bombing of Syria, being terrorist sympathisers has shown the utter contempt that he has for over half the population of this country, not only is it untrue, it was an absolutely appalling thing to say, about the people he is supposed to be governing and as such should be immediately retracted, and a full apology given to the country from the House of Commons.

A Prime Minister is expected to behave better than this, he should behave in a manner suited to his office.

Not only has he let himself down, he has let the country down, and I believe he has let the House of Commons down.

This has shown that by making comments like that about the people of this country, he is unfit to be our prime minister and should resign forthwith.


Reasons for signing

  • lying git, untrustworthy
  • time for him to go, to many lies and backhanded dealings, cant trust him
  • Utterly disgusted when so called politicians stoop to the rhetoric of poison and disrespect- mr Cameron it's time to go the power has gone to your head


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