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To: John Holland-Kaye CEO Heathrow Airport Limited

Call on Heathrow Airport Limited to provide free staff parking

Call on Heathrow Airport Limited to provide free staff parking

I am calling on HAL to do the right thing and support its staff and 3rd party contractors by providing free parking to staff who work at the Heathrow Airport.

Why is this important?

HAL has mandatorily increased Staff Parking Costs by up-to 133% to recover the loses from last year due to the pandemic.

This could not have come at a worse time, due to the competitive nature of the airport environment and the race to the bottom that staff have endured for years, below inflation pay rises and through the pandemic further suffering due to reduction in working hours and furlough.

Staff Car Parking is essential in order for the airport to operate and as such is a legitimate business cost and should be met by the employer not the employees.

HAL has up until the pandemic made year on year record breaking profits. This has been achieved by the hard work of staff using the car parking facilities, You would not have been in the same position without the support of the working man/woman.



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