To: Helen Whately MP (Minister of State for Social Care) & Matt Hancock MP (Secretary of State for Health)

Campaign For Better Healthcare

Campaign For Better Healthcare

We the undersigned would like to urge our government to conduct further
Research into the patients/staff/visitor preferences and Demand for certain Healthcare facilities (such as IT and entertainment) in local/national Healthcare facilities. This will include the analysis and availability of such facilities (including the costs, quality, etc) and access to opportunities for people in recovery and with disabilities.

We also urge our government to implement action strategies based on discoveries for local/national Demand of Healthcare facilities and public ideas/opinions accumulated from this research and meetings/debates.


·Alternative Therapeutic methods
·Access to opportunities for people in Recovery or with disabilities
·Benefits from Healthy Eating
·Staff training and patient welfare
·Benefits of different treatment methods
·Legal representation for patients
·Staff and their treatment of patients in Healthcare facilities


·What staff think their patients should eat in Healthcare facilities & the patients Demand for Organic/Vegetarian foods, Homoeopathy and Creative/Complementary Therapies.
·How patients feel about their personal space and environment
·The benefits of patients having more access to their outdoor environment
·How patients/visitors feel about visiting hours
·How patients feel about the size of their rooms and living spaces
·What resources/training that patients enjoy access to

Why is this important?


·Vegetarian/Organic Foods, Homoeopathy, Creative/Complementary Therapies
·Better Facilities
·A more preferable Environment with more space and personal privileges
·Equal access to opportunities and resources
·Residential Garden Plots
·Equality and Diversity training for staff in Healthcare facilities
·Individual/quality caring of staff with their patients

Natural/Complementary/Creative Healthcare:

Yoga & Meditation
Sports, Fitness, Aerobics
Healthy Living (Temperature/Environment/Fresh Air/Rest/Relaxation)
Spiritual Healing
Reiki, Alexander Technique, etc
Performing Arts
Occupational Therapy (Career & Recreation)
Counselling & Advise
Organic/Healthy Food
Social Activities
Productive Resources