To: Ward Councillors and local residents, to support us in our proposal to build a Community Centre in Sidney Park.

Campaign for Proposed Community Centre, Sidney Park, Cleethorpes.

Campaign for Proposed Community Centre, Sidney Park, Cleethorpes.

We need our local residents total support in our campaign for our proposal for a Community Centre, to be built in Sidney Park, Cleethorpes,

Why is this important?

The reason we feel we really need this building is to help the children and families in and around the area, there is so much crime and anti social behaviour we need to help support the local families, and specially the children by ways of giving them lots of activities a youth centre, where they can socialise and feel safe to go into the park, at the minute parents are not allowing their children into the park or are scared in case they are thrown in the pond or threatened with knives or even asked to buy drugs, and take them, we feel these children need our help and nurturing to help them on the right road, and also be there to support their families, with support groups and advice drop ins such as debt advice or housing advice, police drop ins maybe, slimming advice, and well being classesm martial art / self defence and first aid and life saving classes, would be great and also it will give residents somewhere to bring their families and also be able to socialise themselves, over a cuppa or bingo, possible new skills classes job clubs, etc, we would like to see clean toilets the park has the odd couple of toilets that are only open when other buildings on the park are open and thats not all the time or very often, we would help and provide clean toilet facilities also for disabled residents and members of public, also a changing area for children and also a feeding area, ... We would hope to have an internet cafe giving people the chance to use the internet to help keep in touch with family or even to job search, find forms etc, the cafe will be affordable and provide home made cooking, we would like to help the other current groups on the park that cannot make it all of the time to open up we need a presence not only within the park but also within the community, x we will be attending a meeting approx 19th Sept, date to be confirmed, we would like all residents that want to make the park safer and also house a community hub for all of the local residents, and children, to come to the Pavilion Brerevon ave Cleethorpes, N E Lincolnshire, on that date, to show support for the proposed Community Centre, the meeting we had today we had no support from in the physical, but have tremendous support online, we are asking that locals come to see us, on the above date time to also be confirmed to show us how much you care, and how much you would want to make the park safer for your children, x PLEASE COME and thank you, xxx............... We are so very very grateful for our online support , but truly need the public to come out and support us if this is what they would like to see in the Park, and for the area. i will update the page with the correct confirmed date and time as soon as i receive the information. once again Thank you for your support x

Sidney Park, Cleethorpes N e  Lincs.


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