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To: Minister responsible the inspection criteria of the Care Quality Commission(CQC)

Camphill Village Communities must not be destroyed

Camphill Village Communities must not be destroyed

Dear Minister,
Please review the inspection criteria under which CQC operates to allow for care in 'intentional communities' to be encouraged not destroyed.
Camphill Village communities are being destroyed because the rules under which CQC inspects care-providers only allows for a commercial, individualistic model of service-provider which makes no sense in a community setting.

Why is this important?

Camphill Village communities have been providing care for people with learning difficulties in village communities alongside able-bodied volunteers since 1940. Based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, mentally-disabled people are encouraged to play a full part in village life, giving them value and self-respect.
The commercial care-provider model for which CQC is set up has no concept of volunteer support 'families' in which Camphill's less able residents live active and fulfilled lives and the UK communities are being systematically reduced to 'care homes' where residents passively sit round and watch TV rather than be actively involved in everyday working life to the level of their physical and mental capabilities.
The Steiner community model is Internationally recognised as an excellent way of building the self-worth of residents and providing a level of care far beyond that of commercial care-homes.
The UK - where the concept started - should be actively encouraging this approach to care, not destroying it in the name of standardisation at a lower level of care.


Reasons for signing

  • We have a son with special needs, How he will be in the future is unknown. We do not wish for him to live in isolation, in 'supported living ' given support for his needs, but not having any of the social interaction that these lovely communities offer. The thought of him alone, waiting between visits is upsetting. Please allow these communities to continue working, using the principles from which they were founded.
  • Too many charities being taken over to become mere cash-cows for their 'executive' types.
  • Botton Village makes your heart sing and it should be preserved as the working model for others not destroyed and forced to conform to standards that are not good enough.


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