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Can UBER please pay its UK taxes

Can UBER please pay its UK  taxes

To pay the 1 billion tax it owns.!!
The ride-hailing app Uber is being investigated by HM Revenue & Customs over allegations it owes more than £1bn in unpaid tax.

Uber has more than 60,000 drivers in Britain, operating in more than 40 cities and towns. It does not pay 20% VAT on fares because the company insists it only acts as a digital intermediary between its self-employed drivers and passengers.

HMRC, however, is investigating whether Uber is a transportation company and should therefore pay VAT.

The reason why it’s cheaper they don’t pay it’s UK taxes.!!!

If the likes of UBER, Amazon and Facebook do not pay UK taxes we will Have no public services.

Why is this important?

We need all internet companies to start paying UK taxes so we can have a decent public services eg ‘NHS’ .
This needs to be debated in Parliament so I need over 100,000 signatures. Please can you signed this . Thank you for your support.


Reasons for signing

  • because it's not fair
  • I want the NHS social housing and school to b active so uk can compete with rest of the world
  • Large multi national company’s are being subsidised by the British tax payer, this should not be tolerated, it takes tax avoidance to a new level.


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