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To: Bath and North East Somerset Council

Cancel Bath Bus Gate Fines

Cancel Bath Bus Gate Fines

We call on Bath and North East Somerset Council to:

1) Cancel all existing fines issued for the Dorchester Street Bus Gate.

2) Put in clear signs and road markings which give drivers proper warning of the restrictions.

3) Consult local residents in ensuring that the new signs and markings are sufficient.

4) Apologise for all the upset caused.

Why is this important?

Almost 9000 people have been fined £30 or more for accidentally driving through the bus gate.

It is a very easy mistake to make as the signage is inadequate and there are no road markings. The Council has not made the bus gate restrictions clear enough, as evidenced by the huge number of people driving through it.

Innocent people are being fined. Many of these will be visitors to the city who will be left with a bad experience of our beautiful city. This has brought shame to the city of Bath.


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Reasons for signing

  • Disgraceful - I was being very careful to try and avoid anything like this - I feel cheated and spoiled my otherwise nice trip to Bath
  • I got a wanring ticket (not knowing there was a bus gate in operation) then was assured I had not incurred any further infringmenets. A month later I got a fine through the post, which turned out to be out of the 28 days of notice. Unclear signage was mianly to blame, in all a complete shambles of a system. Also, no information (to the best of my knowledge) was sent out to residents OR University staff and students, this is something that needs to be considered in future.
  • Signage is totally inadequate at this extremely busy junction for people to notice it whilst avoiding pedestrians, buses, other cars etc


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