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To: Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary

Cancel the Charter Flights!

Cancel the Charter Flights!

Cancel the charter flights deporting asylum seekers from Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait on the 26th and 27th August and 3rd September.

Why is this important?

The Home Office is planning to deport dozens of asylum seekers on charter flights on the 26th and 27th of August, and on the 3rd of September. They will be forcibly removed to France and Spain, where they face onward deportation to unsafe countries, including a war zone and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Up to 40 asylum seekers are currently detained in Brook House IRC, where self-harm and suicide attempts are widespread. Many of them are protesting their deportation through a hunger strike that began on the 13th of August.

In the words of one protester: "We left Yemen to escape persecution and war and to avoid death. And to come to a country that is safe, where we can live safely and healthily without fear of persecution."

Many of the people who fled countries such Iran, Iraq and Kuwait are traumatised and vulnerable. The Home Office's attempt to deport them during a pandemic is appalling and must be prevented.

Sign this petition and join campaigners across the UK who are calling for the immediate cancellation of these charter flights.


Reasons for signing

  • We cannot call ourselves a land of ‘hope and glory’ if we treat human beings who desperately need help like this...
  • Having witnessed at close hand the terror and despair experienced by people in this situation, I urge the Home Office to cancel these flights immediately and release people from detention. A hunger strike since 13th Aug will mean that people are in no fit state to be removed. The Government is just trying to shove people onto flights before Brexit without any regard for their human rights. It's abhorrent that our country should pile more trauma onto traumatised individuals.
  • To defend people who can't defend themselves.


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