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To: Canterbury City Council

Canterbury Wincheap Park & Ride Solution

Canterbury Wincheap Park & Ride Solution

Abandon plans to extend Wincheap Park and Ride into unspoilt marshland. Instead, utilise the the pre-existing council owned ex-Homebase site, which sits only metres away and is already on the park and ride bus route. Also, make more use of Maynard Road car park. It could be incorporated into the park and ride bus route.

Why is this important?

The council owned ex-Homebase site is already part car park. The large empty pre-existing warehouse should be remodelled into a multi-storey car park, easily providing as much capacity as Whitefriars. The current park and ride can remain in place and the Homebase site would serve as an overflow, with a bus stop outside.
We should be protecting all our green spaces, not destroying them. As the Homebase site is already in existence, it would be sensible to utilise it for this purpose. Maynard Road car park could also be incorporated into the park and ride scheme.

How it will be delivered

To Canterbury City Council by hand.

Wincheap Park & Ride, Ten Perch Road, Canterbury

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Reasons for signing

  • They are taking away all our green. We need a healthy environment close to our city centres
  • Save the planet fam
  • I love near here and use the cycle route, and see the quantity of insects, wildlife birds and wildflowers exist in this area. I would hate to see yet another area of natural land, paved over.


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