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To: Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health

Care Parity for adults with Cerebral Palsy

Charity Adult CP Hub is asking the Government to ‘stamp out’ healthcare inequality and conduct a review into the care of adults with CP. They want the 2019 NICE guidelines adopted and put into practice across the NHS to improve the lives of 130,000 UK adults living with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Plus, SIGN guidelines for Scotland. In short, Care Parity for CP.


Why is this important?

When people living with cerebral palsy reach 18, the joined-up healthcare they've received stops. This is wrong.

We want a government review to adopt the recommended guidelines so when people with CP become adults, their care doesn't ‘fall off a cliff’. They are being treated like Second Class Citizens.

People with other lifelong conditions receive joined-up healthcare provision and a clear care pathway, so why not adults with cerebral palsy?

Simply adopting the NICE guidelines would be life-changing for 130,000 UK adults with CP and, it’s estimated, would boost the economy to the tune of £422mn by helping people stay healthy and stay in work.

We just want Care Parity for CP.

Please sign the petition and convince the government to do the right thing.

NICE guidelines apply to England, Wales and, effectively, Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there is an equivalent called SIGN guidelines. There are currently no SIGN guidelines for adults with cerebral palsy – a further inequality.

Adult CP Hub is also insisting that the NICE guidelines can and should be adapted as SIGN guidelines and adopted in Scotland

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How it will be delivered

By World Cerebral Palsy Day on 6th October, we hope to have the issue discussed in Parliament.

Subject to lockdown restrictions, we will deliver the petition with the ask of "Care Parity for CP" such a small ask that it will be delivered on the back of a postage stamp to Downing Street.




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