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Caregivers Rights to Speak for and on behalf of their Adult Child with Mental Health Problems

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Joanne Farmer
Caregivers  Rights to Speak for and on behalf of their Adult Child with Mental Health Problems

Please amend the law to allow caregivers, parents or close loved ones the voice they need, to speak on behalf and for their Adult Child with Mental Health problems, when they are no longer in the mental health system, have been discharged or are in complete denial and have no insight into their own condition.

Please stop the barriers of the: "Adult will not engage", "We have to speak to the Adult", "We cannot talk to you" or "Your child is an Adult".

Why is this important?

My son took his life, age 23 yrs. His mental health for the last 4 years, since losing his father to Esophageal Cancer, in 2015 was up and down. He received some treatment & support in 2016/17 but was discharged in 2018, deemed well enough to no longer need the services. His mental health then deteriorated further, his life spiralled out of control and he was in complete denial about his health and completely lacking any insight into his problems. He also may have felt he needed to mask/hide his problems because; I believe they may have been too uncomfortable for him to talk about. When an Adult child is out of the "system"; It is very difficult to get them back into it unless they Engage, Co-operate or visit their GP or actively seek treatment. My argument is that they are too unwell to engage, especially when they lack insight into their condition. The problem the loved one, parent or care giver then faces is, in my experience, no-one will listen to you because: (they are over 18) and the Adult Child either refuses or does not seek help, which then leads to to them missing out on treatment or not receiving it at all.
Not listening to the parent/caregiver or their loved ones, because of confidentiality, in these circumstances, is in my opinion, "ridiculous". The parent/caregiver or loved one is usually the closest to these individuals and knows them best of all.

This has to stop and common sense must prevail. If the Adult child has a history of Mental Health problems, has a confirmed diagnosis, has sick notes and medication.........Caregivers/parents and close loved ones, must not have the confidentiality card shown to them. Healthcare providers must intervene and listen to the the people who are speaking up for and on behalf of their Adult child/loved one.

We are all responsible for SAFEGUARDING. We don't want to hear: "Call the Police". The Police are not adept at Mental Health issues and the unwell individual does not need this; they need care and assessments by professionally trained Psychiatric Dr's/Consultants or Senior Psychiatric Nurses and even if the Adult Child has never had an episode of Mental ill health, their nearest and dearest, who know them best and want to help them need to be listened to.

We cannot let any more young men or women slip through the net because "They Wont Engage" or "We cannot talk to you". This is a fob off and an insult. (Perhaps the individual would engage if you knew how to engage them).

I never want another Mother/Father/Caregiver or Loved One, to go through the extensive and heart wrenching pain I am going through right now. I plead for your support and for common sense to prevail.

We need to increase the availability of mental health resources and to reduce barriers to accessing care. (The World Health Organisation), (International Association for Suicide Prevention) and the (World Federation for Mental Health) all agree that barriers to accessing care need to be removed. Wikipedia

Thank you all so much for your support and reading and sharing my petition.

How it will be delivered

I would love to gather as many signatures as I possibly can and forward these to my local Health MP who will intern present this to Downing Street, for Parliament to consider.......(I Hope).

I need at least 10,000 signatures for this to even reach Downing Street and I cannot do this without all you wonderful people signing and sharing this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Joanna. I absolutely loved Zak. It was so hard to know how to pull him out of that spiral of self-destruction he got himself in. You are right that Zak could have been helped, and you are right that people in his position will never seek help themselves, and you are right that no matter how clearly you can see another's need for help, the police and health services are a closed door to people who knock on behalf of someone else. Will help however I can xxx
  • We are losing too many young people because of this and things need to be changed
  • This young man was a very very good friend of mine!


2019-10-14 17:05:40 +0100

Please keep signing and sharing, thank you x

2019-10-14 17:05:03 +0100

I have received a serious incident report, from one of the healthcare bodies, responsible for looking after my son and from that they say trust wide learning will take place. This is partial good news but the document also highlights the following:

Clinicians did not provide a rationale for the clinical decisions they made.

Nursing observations were not recorded accurately.

There was poor recording of reviews, assessments and recordings of observation levels.

Symptoms of stress and depression, muscular tension were unaddressed.

May have been inadequate social input for him upon his discharge, ("I like the word may of been here"). "There was no immediate support following discharge".

They say there may have been depression......"again love the word may".

2019-09-09 20:04:07 +0100

New petition with the exact same principles and still aimed at helping our Adult Children with Mental Health Problems. This one is aimed directly at the government. They have decided to publish it. The link is below. Please take a look, share and sign. Thank you all so much for your support. You are all wonderful. Jo

2019-09-09 20:01:18 +0100

2019-07-24 21:03:44 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

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