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To: Amber Rudd DWP

Carers allowance to be increased to minimum wage

I’d like to see Amber Rudd get the current Carers allowance rate increased to the national minimum Wage.
From £1.84 per hour x 35 hrs = £64.70 that’s what Carers are receiving
to £8.21 per hour.weekly salary £287.35
The Carer looks after the person for 35 hours or more they should be paid not penalised.

Why is this important?

I’m the main carer of my 2 daughters

It seems you are able to claim this allowance if you care for another person for 35 hours or more per week

If this person was in state care the care worker or personal assistant would be paid £8.21 or more for doing the same job... This needs changing .

It beggars belief that people are paid £1.84 per hour because you are a parent , family member or friend

My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy and complex medical needs which are also life threatening
My oldest daughter has autism high functioning .
I have dedicated my life to look after my family as that’s my duty as as a parent.
But can honestly say what a challenge it’s been over the years as their both 24 & 25 years old now .
There’s been plenty of sleepless nights and endless days of worries wondering if you’re child or loved one will pull through whatever life has thrown at them
On two occasions my daughter has fought for her life and all we could do was pray she’d pull through.
Luckily she did and I’m telling you what it’s like to be a Carer

Carers story.
Our day starts between 3-4am each morning when toilet duty starts with my youngest as she’s got digestive problems too along with severe epilepsy so she can’t be left alone.
We’ll get her back to bed around 5 am if we’re lucky we’ll go asleep until say 6 or 7am .
When Jodie wakes up again I have to give breakfast and meditation after that it’s shower time .
After all personal cares have been done we’re normally back on toilet duty which we must do at least 30 times per day as jo also has short term memory loss .
In between personal cares etc there’s housework, shopping and entertaining the person you are looking after.
There’s endless hospital appointments to attend especially if the person has complex medical needs .
This can have a huge impact on the Carers mental health and general wellbeing.
The feeling of isolation a Carer or family member may feel from time to time can be quite overwhelming
. If you are a Carer and also the parent you are classed as their legal guardian which means you’re responsible for every aspect of the persons life !!! What a responsibility.

My health suffered badly as I ended up with a over active thyroid, TED and had a stroke , copd
Before this I was working part time in the NHS in learning dis & mental health as a Support Worker .
Again whilst working there I witnessed firsthand how much is expected from parents and most are at breaking point as they have been a Carer for so many years.
I loved my job but I found I didn’t have enough of me to go around and my family had to come first so I resigned ..
I know a lot of families who have children or young adults and elderly relatives that dedicate their lives to their family and with no support financially or emotionally.
I’ve also known lovely families who have had so much to deal with their relationship with their partner has broken down .
It’s an insult to think it’s acceptable to pay a shocking £1.84 per hour to a Carer ..
you have to look after the person for 35 hours or more per week to receive £64.60
I do what I do for my daughters through love I don’t see it as a job but the government clearly does as your not allowed to earn over £120 per week if you do you don’t qualify but your still Caring .
I don’t claim any benefits as my husband works full time but I do receive Carers allowance. I also set up a social club for young adults over 16 with disabilities and complex medical needs I do this voluntary.
Again lack of services for the most vulnerable in our community.
Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long message. Please get your friends and family to sign and share and get our Carers what they deserve and that’s fare-pay



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