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To: Robert Goodwill MP

CCTV monitoring of Yellow Box Junctions

CCTV monitoring of Yellow Box Junctions

I would like an amendment to the "Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002" requiring councils to put up signs advising drivers of CCTV monitoring of yellow box junctions – if the aim of the yellow box junction is to ensure that drivers from the minor roads can access the main road they should have no objection to this.

Why is this important?

Yellow Box Junctions are, in general terms, a good thing. They allow traffic from minor roads access to main roads in heavy traffic. The problem that we have had in London for some years, and coming soon to the rest of the country, is where the council uses them as ‘money boxes’ to raise revenue thru CCTV. One west London junction raised £2.7m a year, and there are many others



2016-06-02 15:07:26 +0100

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