To: The British Government

Chagos Islanders will not be allowed home, UK government says

Chagos Islanders will not be allowed home, UK government says

Respect the will of the native people of these islands.

Why is this important?

Morality. A small island nation wiped out by the United States of America with the co-operation of their British toadies between 1967 and 1973 when the entire population was exiled. The islanders' territory stolen because of 'strategic importance' (for the Yanks). There is often talk of British 'decency'. It simply doesn't exist, especially when the strings are pulled by Uncle Sam. It's time to stop this outrageous nonsense. Give the Chagos back now. And at least they'd inherit a first class airfield to bring in tourists - Diego Garcia International!

The Chagos Islands


Reasons for signing

  • Forcibly moving these islanders off their homeland, gassing their pets to intimate them, not providing decent compensation and we class ourselves as a decent democracy
  • The official silence does provide a sharp contrast to the British Establishment's bloody jingoism regarding the Malvinas/Falklands Islands, 1982.
  • Because those people had their lands,homes,lifestyles,in fact everything stolen from them,and done in such a disgusting fashion that those involved in carrying this out no matter the level that they were involved,should hang their heads in shame and remain that way.Those involved in the first stages of planning this theft made the decision at that time that the chagos Islanders would never be allowed to return. What became of some of these people is very tragic and extremely sad.


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