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To: Scottish Parliament

Change Austerity Measures, Protect Society

Change Austerity Measures, Protect Society

Challenge the UK Government to ...
Stop cuts to the NHS and Public Services
Change Austerity measures to be fair on everyone.
Reduce costs, and spending for the people who can afford it the most!

Why is this important?

Let the people who can most afford it, help with the countries deficit and do not reduce public spending.

Keep public spending up where it is needed most.

Tax increases for the higher earners, they can afford it and keep taxes down for lower earners to encourage spending.

A major overhaul of austerity measures need to be made now and for all future attempts to reduce budget deficits, stop! punishing the poorer people in society and reduce the deficit by targeting areas where it can be afforded the most.

The IMF and other financial experts and economists have stated that reducing public spending, increasing debt, etc can have worse effects overall on the economy.

New measures are needed to keep the economy going and looking after the health and well being of all our citizens.

United Kingdom

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