To: Chichester District Council

Change Chichester District Council Meeting Times

Change Chichester District Council Meeting Times

Offer a balance between daytime and evening meetings by running half of the Full Council and Committee Meetings during the 6pm - 10pm period

Why is this important?

All Chichester District Council meetings are held during the day making it impossible for working people or people with day time commitments to attend Council Meetings. 95% of the District and Borough Councils in England and Wales hold evening or late afternoon meetings. Chichester District Council is one of only a very few of over 200 second tier councils to hold all meetings during the day. Day time meetings make it very hard for working District Councillors to attend Council meetings to fulfil the roles for which their communities duly elected them. This also affects Parish Councillors and residents who work and need to attend meetings at Chichester District Council.


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