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To: Animal helath and welfare board

Change legislation for breeding and keeping animals

Change legislation for breeding and keeping animals

Change the legislation regarding breeding and keeping of dogs and cats

Why is this important?

There are so many backstreet breeders out there, and people who should never own animal, this needs to change. Any breeder should have a licence, paid for by themselves, at a cost of around £1000. The revenue from this could then go half, to the government and the other half to animal rescue centres. The breeder should also be registered with the Inland Revenue. Both the licence number and their Inland Revenue number should be on any microchip. This could then help to stamp out unscrupulous breeding. It is also too easy to own an animal and measures should be in place, to prevent persons not capable of providing the right home with the right resources in place, from owning an animal. Anyone found guilty of animal abuse, should never be able to own an animal again. We are, as a country, at crisis level now. So many unwanted animals in shelters, this also needs addressing.
We also need to teach animal husbandry in primary years at school, as empathy and compassion for animals, is dwindling fast. We need to remember, it's not a right to have an animal it's a privilege.

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